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Recent Noteworthy Performances

2011, January
Carnegie Hall, James Levine conducts Perle's Serenade #1 for Viola and chamber ensemble

2005, September
A 3-day conference on the music, and the theoretical and musicological work of George Perle; University of Rochester, Eastman School of Music

2005, June 7
A 90th birthday all-Perle celebration in Merkin Hall, NY with Soprano Lucy Shelton accompanied by Molly Morkoski in the 13 Dickinson Songs, Horacio Gutierrez playing the premiere of Perle's 9 Bagatelles for piano. Steven Dibner played the premiere of Bassoonmusic. Curt Macomber and Michael Boriskin played the Triptych for violin and piano, and the Dorian Quintet with Boriskin played For Piano and Winds.

2005, October
A Short Symphony. Conductor, Joseph Silverstein - Jordan Hall, Boston, New England Conservatory Orchestra

2005, December
Carnegie, Zankel Hall. Making Music Series. An all Perle concert with performers Leon Fleisher, Jonathan Biss and the Daedalus Quartet, among others.

2005, November
Transcendental Modulations. James Levine and the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Hall Boston

Performances of Critical Moments in Tanglewood and Berlin, conductor Julian Kuerti; in Chicago with Ludovic Morlot

Performance of Piano Concerto #2 with Michael Boriskin and the New Jersey Symphony

2006, July 28
Transcendental Modulations, Ludovic Morlot and the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Tanglewood

Wind Quintet 1 The Dorian Wind Quintet, New York City, and Buffalo, NY;
Serenade #3
Oberlin College

2007 November
Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center. BassoonMusic performed by Peter Kolkay; Lyric Piece for cello and piano performed by Priscilla lee and Gilbert Kalish.

2008, October 28
Jorja Fleezanis, violin with Karl Paulnack, piano played Triptych at the Boston Conservatory

2009, March 12
Long Island Composers Alliance. A Concert honoring George Perle

2009, June 2  
A memorial concert in Merkin Hall, NY, with pianists Leon Fleisher, Seymour Lipkin,and Michael Brown. The Da Capo Chamber Players and the Daedalus Quartet. Speakers were Paul Lansky, Yehudi Wyner, Mark DeVoto and Richard Ortner.

2009, August 9
Sinfonietta #2, Julian Kuerti, conductor, Boston Symphony Orchestra; Tanglewood

2010, January 24
Celebrating George Perle Taplin Hall, Princeton, NJ Da Capo Chamber Players

2010, January 26
Celebrating George Perle
Merkin Hall, NYC Da Capo Chamber Players

2010, April 4
Piano Concerto #1 pianist Melvin Chen, conductor Leon Botstein, Bard Conservatory Orchestra, Fisher Center, Bard College NY

2010, April 10
Piano Concerto #1 pianist Melvin Chen, conductor Leon Botstein, Bard Conservatory Orchestra,
Tully Hall, NYC

National Flute Association Convention in San Diego, CA from August 11-14, 2005.  World premiere of Song Without Words (Chanson Cachees) for Flute and Piano.  The piece was commissioned by the NFA.
Critical Moments 2, performed by eighth blackbird at Alice Tully Hall on March 5, 2002.
Nine Bagatelles for piano, performed by Horacio Gutiérrez in Scottsdale, AZ on April 2, 2002.
Tritych for Solo Violin and Piano, performed by Curtis Macomber and Christopher Oldfather at Merkin Hall in New York City of January 27, 2003.
Recently Published Works

ADAGIO for Orchestra (1992) (Pub. 2000)......................................Galaxy 1.3268 Study Score
2Picc–2Fl–3Ob,EH–3Cl,BCl–3Bsn,Cbsn / 4–4–4–1 / Timp, Cel, Hp, / Strings       (8'30")

Commissioned for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and David Zinman, Music Director, by the Carnegie Hall Corporation, the world premiere was given at Carnegie Hall, New York City on April 13, 1993.

BRIEF ENCOUNTERS (String Quartet No. 9) (1998).....Galaxy 1.3309   Study Score
Galaxy 1.3309A   Parts
First performance May 14, 1999, Chicago: Chicago String Quartet                      

CRITICAL MOMENTS (1996) (Pub. 2000).............................................. Galaxy 1.3298 (7'00")
Flute (Picc.), Clarinet in B-flat (E-flat Picc., Bass Clarinet), Violin, Violoncello, Piano, Percussion

The commissioning of this work was funded by Chamber Music America with funds from the Pew Charitable Trusts. The premiere performance of this six-movement work took place on April 14, 1997, in New York City; the New York New Music Ensemble was conducted by David Gilbert.

CRITICAL MOMENTS 2 (in nine movements) (2001)............................... Galaxy 1.3320 (11.00")'
Flute (Alto Flute), B-flat Clarinet (Bass Clarinet), Violin, Violoncello, Piano, Percussion

Commissioned by the Naumberg Foundation for eighth blackbird

DANCE FANTASY (formerly “Dance Overture”) (1986) (Pub.2002) Galaxy 1.3262 Study Score
3(Picc)–3(EH)–3–2,Cbsn / 4–3–3–1 / Timp, Perc, Cel, Hp / Strings                  (10'00")

Composed in 1986, Dance Fantasy had its first perfromance in May, 1987, by the Houston (TX) Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Sergiu Comissiona.

George Perle says of Dance Fantasy in a 1989 interview for its Carnegie Hall premiere performance, "The work was conceived as a statement of homage to the art of ballet. My discovery of ballet, just over 50 years ago at the Auditorium Theater in Chicago during the annual tour of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, suddenly added a new dimension to the way I heard and responded to music, a dimension that I believe has affected the character of my work as a composer ever since. Dance Fantasy is music for an imaginary plotless ballet, and it pays its respects, with a quotation of four bars from the second movement of Stravinsky's Firebird Suite, to a composer whose whole career, from its very inception, was intimately and crucially involved with the ballet. These four bars, which appear just before the final cadential passage, are more than a quote, however, since they play a structural role in the moto perpetuo which forms the concluding episode, and were chosen precisely because of their suitability for this role."

Full score and parts are available on rental from the publisher.

MODAL SUITE for Piano Solo (1940) (Pub.2002).................................Galaxy 1.3324....(3'00")
MUSICAL OFFERINGS for Left Hand Alone (1998) (Pub.2000).........Galaxy 1.3306....(8'15")
First performance December 6, 1999, New York: Leon Fleisher

Written to celebrate Leon Fleisher's 70th birthday, the movements are
dedicated to three musical colleagues: Richard Ortner, Dan Gustin, and Gil Kalish.

NINE BAGATELLES (1999) (Pub 2001)..................................................Galaxy 1.3310....(8'00")
First performance March 2, 2002, Rockford, IL: Guttiérrez

Completed in 1999 and dedicated to Horacio Guttiérrez, Perle's piano music has been described as "witty, elegant and eminently lucid..." and as offering the rare "combination of high engineering and a taste for the exquisite."

TRIPTYCH for Solo Violin and Piano (2003).......................................Galaxy 1.3325....(10'00")
First performance Jan. 27, 2003, New York: Curtis Macomber and Christopher Oldfather
Style and Idea in the Lyric Suite of Alban Berg
A 2nd edition, revised and enlarged, has been published by Pendragon Press, 2001.